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Upcoming Guild Events

February 19, 2018 7:00 PM • Home of Tim Holiner, 40 Donnelly Drive, Dover
April 16, 2018 7:00 PM • Home of Ken Zoller, 3 Manning Way, Sharon

Upcoming Non-Guild Events

March 24, 2018 • Saratoga Springs, NY
April 20, 2018 12:00 PM • Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center, Southbridge, MA

Featured Piece of the Month

Guild member Dave McCormick built a walnut cabinet (pictured here) with curved drawers during past fall season.  For more pictures and commentary written by the woodworker himself click here.

Message from the President

January Meeting

While today’s undermount soft close drawer slides are pretty slick - and I use them without question on built-ins around the house - they just don’t make it for me on a freestanding piece of furniture especially a traditional one.  On the other hand getting traditional drawers to open and close smoothly summer and winter is a close tolerance challenge that I will be happy to learn more about at our next meeting.  Phil Lowe always delivers practical tips and techniques using traditional woodworking methods and I am sure his take on fitting drawers will be no different.  That and the relaxed and clear style of his presentations are just two of the reasons he is one of our favorite presenters year after year which segues nicely into my next topic...


I’m sure you have all read the last sentence of our upcoming meeting announcement which says: “Parking is limited, especially if there has been a recent snowfall, so please carpool, if practical.”  Besides saving space and gas, carpooling is a good idea for all of our meetings.  The idea of a toy making group was introduced to me in a carpool ride with Steve Hoffman.  It has become one of our most popular public service projects.  In general, carpooling is one of the best ways for members to get to know each other better.  Take advantage of this easy way to share more with other members and make an otherwise boring ride interesting.  If you notice a new member lives near you or on the way to a meeting feel free to get in touch and offer to ride together.

February Topic

Generally the first step in creating the schedule of meetings for the coming year is to find a presenter and coordinate a venue and date. As a rule meeting topics are then selected, months in advance, but there are exceptions.  Frequently, for our non-member presenters we try to find a topic they have either written about or taught elsewhere recently.  This reduces their preparation time and insures that we get a practiced presentation.  For our February meeting we have both a presenter, Bob Van Dyke, and a venue, Woodcraft in Walpole, but as of now no topic has been settled on.  This provides you with an opportunity to help select a topic for that meeting.  You may want to review articles Bob has published in Fine Woodworking and elsewhere and visit the website for his school, the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking (https://www.schoolofwoodworking.com) for insights into his work.  Bob has great depth of experience and can do an excellent presentation on a variety of topics.  Send any suggestions to me at jtartaglia@charter.net ASAP.

Special reminders for our meeting on January 13th:

Dress warm, carpool, bring chairs and park on the street, if possible

Here we are deep into summer, but as we approach the end of July, I know you are all wondering “What does the coming year for the Guild involve”. Well, behind the scenes, folks have been hard at work putting together the events for the coming year. 

Bevel Cut

Planning for a Project

Typically one of the very first steps a woodworker takes when building a workpiece is to develop a plan.  Do you develop your own design, use an existing plan, maybe use SketchUp?  Andrew Davis is about to start a new project and is wondering how to plan in the latest Bevel Cut article here.

Perpetual Novice

Is This Really Going To Work?

Everyday lessons learned from the Perpetual Novice.  Read the January article about round mortises in a cumbersome area like stool legs splayed at different angles.

Funiture Interest Group Meetings

Meetings of the Guild's Furniture Interest Group (FIG) are held every third Monday of the month.  All members are welcome.  Members meet at a different member's house every month where they attend to discuss all things furniture building, including designs, jigs, wood species, joinery, tools, etc.  Members have a chance to seek advice from a varied, friendly, and experienced assembly of woodworkers or add to this body of collective knowledge.  Keep an eye on FIG meetings for time and place in the Upcoming Guild Events at the top of the page. 

Mentoring in the EMGW

Mentoring in the Guild takes many forms.  Everything from a brief conversation or email on a particular technique to a full-blown cooperative effort to build an entire piece.  Most mentoring occurs informally among members.  However, the Mentor Program provides an easy way, especially for new members, to get involved in mentoring.  Members listed on the Mentor Program page of this website have expressed a willingness to help other members in a variety of ways.

To read more about the Mentor Program, click here or navigate to About Us then Mentor Program.  To see the list of Mentor members with their interests and contact information, click here or navigate to Members then Mentors.

Toy Making Project

The Guild several months ago decided to sponsor another toy making project for local children this holiday season.  As a result, several Guild members volunteered their time and expertise to build articulated pull toys and puzzles.  The successful project was completed a few weeks ago.  Toys were delivered to Woodcraft in Walpole before the grand give away.

The project began back in September under the direction of member Steve Hoffman, who tirelessly and without any stone unturned, organized and led the following volunteers Brian Chandley, Don Michael, Jeff Clunie, Jim Russell, Ken Zoller, Richard Silva, Tim Harrigan, and Vincent Valvo on this productive, enjoyable, and rewarding project.  All volunteers assembled and worked in Steve's workshop on a weekly basis.

For a slide show of pictures during various stages of toy production click here.  Happy Holidays to all, young and experienced!

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